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Well, take a look at the Papilio – an Open Source FPGA board with everything you need to get started at a low price. It’s like having an Arduino with a full circuit laboratory connected to it! For example, you can draw circuits to move pins, xilinx spartan 6 bitcoin extra serial ports, or connect a bitcoin miner to the Arduino-Compatible chip. AVR ATmega32U4 chip that is a derivative of the Arduino Leonardo design.

At its heart, the Papilio One has a Xilinx Spartan 3E FPGA chip, providing a plentiful amount of digital logic to quickly get your prototyping off the ground. In addition, you can code for the FPGA using established development tools, or you can use Gadget Factory’s custom Arduino IDE to easily write Arduino code and upload it to the AVR8 soft processor! Four Independent Power Rails at 5V, 3. Papilio Shields Computing Shield The Classic Computing Shield provides all of the hardware needed to recreate classic computing systems on the Papilio DUO. It snaps into the Papilio Pro and gives it the necessary hardware resources to communicate with the outside world. The Papilio One can accept up to six Wings that can operate independently of each other.