Wise trader amibroker forex

All indicators in the toolbox have spread support except for pattern exploration. Both standard and Walk-forward wise trader amibroker forex networks included. Supports out of sample testing data. Trained Neural Networks can be compiled to pure AFL!

This feature is new and not available anywhere else. Currently there are 5 smoothers and 8 adaptors included in the package. We are also working on more adaptive indicators. Please note that at first glance some of the indicators in the toolbox are similar to ones freely available.

Our tests show that those freely available are slower and do not provide the same results. Our tools run on Amibroker 5. Wise Trader offers the wisetrader forex trading platform. 40 forex currency pairs, indices, stocks, commodities, cfds, gold and silver for your personal investment and trading options. Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should be avoided.

I opened an account with them and then realised that it wasn’t for me, Now comes the interesting part. Even to withdraw my initial deposit is proving almost impossible. I wouldn’t like to be in a position of having 1000’s of pounds with them as you are never likely to see any of it again. I have made withdrawals without any problem.