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Access to this wcs 1 0 forex news has been denied because we believe you are using automation tools to browse the website. President, CEO, and Director: Douglas R.

SVP, CFO, and Chief Administrative Officer: B. President, CEO, and Director: Frederick A. 200 W Madison St, 30th Fl. EVP, COO, and CFO: John A.

EVP Operations and Business Services: David A. Featured on a Fox News Boycott of the Month. I can afford to NOT shop at Wal mart. I’ve instructed my children that we do not support slave labor and business’ that hurt our community, if we can help it. They are not allowed to go into Wal Mart and when they get older and leave the house I will give them the extra money they may need to purchase their needs locally. I will do my best to boycott these business if I can.

Where is a concise, A to Z list that can be mailed around? I trust Fox news,and Jesus Christ. I shop at Walmart sometimes, I own dell stuff, I don’t trust nbc,cbs or abc or people that do. I’m older than most of you and I know what it takes to maintain life and security. Too bad you are so unhappy with your life. Chill, and stop trying to convince others to be like you.

Bart, I do trust NBC and ABC. In all fairness, Fox doesn’t employ educated newsmen. If you want to continue to delude yourself listening to their rhetoric that’s your business but I’m old and demand more journalistic credibility. Anyone that trust Fox News is simply un-informed, it amazes me to see how many people choose to bury their head in the sand and not do any of the research them- selves. It is so clear to anyone that is educated, that Fox only delivers only opinions and dis-information. Where are all the real America’s? You have got to be kidding!

FOX has too many sponsors to be hurt and no one can boycott all. Who can afford to never shop at Wal Mart? Who can afford to switch any company if it is going to cost them more directly that they cannot afford? However, being more realistic: SIMPLY VOTE ALWAYS FOR THE ABSOLUTE POOREST CANDIDATE.

Thereby you can always be certain of not voting for a candidate who is owned by the corporations. Let the corporations waste their profits on FOX and by default candidates who thereby lose and the corporations lose their political power in turn. This is much easier than ineffectively boycotting a few sponsors with no hope of making a real dent in the political outcome. You don’t personally have to boycott everybody on the list, but when you have a choice, if you care, you chose a different product. As far a Wal Mart goes, I never shop there and never have. And, I’d argue that I can get just as good a price somewhere else.