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Notice Your privacy is important to us. We have updated our privacy policy to better explain how we watchmojo bitcoin data on this site. Prosecutors drop drug charges against ex-Bucs safety T. Petersburg, Clearwater and communities throughout Tampa Bay.

Originally published by The Tampa Tribune, tbo is now among the portfolio of brands powered by the Tampa Bay Times. Well if you could get the licenses to all the works you’re translating and avoid any scandals like Qi vs WW, you could open the window to stuff like sponsorships. As in communicating directly with the advertiser instead of through a provider and implementing the ad into the site’s actual design and making things pretty with no chance of maliciousness. Honestly all the other options either pay only a fraction of ad revenue or are seen with an even worse light by the community than running ads. Even patreon is basically paywalls disguised as donations.

Of course, with the license, you could do e-books too. Thanks and very true about the patreon just being paywalls. Can you expatiate on the sponsorships? You earn more because you get clicks anyway, and adblock can’t really stop them. You contact a company related to your demographic and ask if they’d like to plaster their brand and ads everywhere and mention their shit in author notes and stuff in return for monies. You can see this kind of stuff on places like youtube where people have millions of followers yet ad revenue is drying up.

This also exists to some extent in China but companies expect you to do this advertising for free or little value such as a free product of theirs. I don’t think ad revenue model is sustainable so I am looking for other ideas. Patreon model is a bit had to start as seen from your previous thread. Bitcoin hive will most likely piss off people that don’t pay attention to updates and stuff.

Paywall will alienate you from the community and garner hate. VIP model will earn you some good extra revenue depending on your following, as will a subscription model. I’m pretty sure I missed some, but those should be the biggest ones. Honestly, add model works so well for so many, it’s hard to give it up. Why do you think about giving up add model? As you can see from the post above yours. Only specialized sponsorships earn well .

Do you even have to ask why they’re thinking about giving up the ad model? Ads alone are annoying, but then throw in video ads and malicious ads. And there’s no way to fight them meaningfully because the way ad networks are designed makes it impossible to stop the malicious ads without tirelessly tracking them down and blacklisting them manually. Having no ads or specialized ads direct from the company built into the site securely is a good way to make people really like your site.

Ads are not user friendly and usually a must have for sites with free content. Which means an alternative that works is worth its weight in gold. That’s why I dont use ads. After all, I mever turn off my ad block.