Usd to rmb oanda forex

Please use a supported version for the best MSN experience. Use the Rates endpoint to get the quotes for one or more currency pairs. If applicable, the number of quotes returned is charged against the usd to rmb oanda forex limit for your plan.

You may request quotes for a single date, or as an average over a date range. If your plan has a quote limit, each response will include the X-Rate-Limit-Remaining header containing the number of remaining quotes available for the current billing period. This parameter controls the number of quotes that are charged against your quote limit. You may assume that no more than about 200 quotes will be returned per API call.

In a date range request, this is the midpoint between the date range average bid and ask quotes. NOTE: The midpoint is always rounded to the same level of precision as the bid and ask quotes. 7533 and a bid of 1. 7522 would have a midpoint of 1. NOTE: The Central Bank exchange rates consist of a single spot rate.

For those currency pairs, the quotes returned are padded with zeroes to match the number of decimal places requested. You may request the maximum number of stored decimal places for a currency pair by specifying all. If multiple quote currencies are requested, the precision for each pair may vary. NOTE: Omitting this paramter or specifying today’s date returns the latest quotes available. If today’s quotes exist, they are returned, otherwise the API returns the latest quotes available.