Umbrella forex trading and research

Legal opinion claims USI-Tech’s unregistered securities umbrella forex trading and research in the US? David have purportedly put their stamp of approval on USI-Tech.

For those unfamiliar with the company, USI-Tech initially combined pyramid recruitment with an automated forex trading platform. 600 EUR on the promise of an entirely automated and passive ROI. On or around May, 2017, USI-Tech expanded their offering to include a bitcoin trading investment opportunity. With USI-Tech actively marketing in the US and this business model setting off alarm bells, the company felt the need to address compliance concerns.

United States of America, according to the FTC and SEC. This was met with applause and cheering from USI-Tech affiliates in attendance. Which is strange, because the issue with USI-Tech’s compliance was never whether forex trading software is legal or not. Obviously forex trading is legal in the US. The compliance issue however is USI-Tech accept 600 EUR deposits in exchange for an automated and passive ROI.

Or in other words USI-Tech are clearly making a securities offering to their affiliates. It has been examined by our lawyers and in their legal opinion, it is a legal product. It is legal to sell this product as a network marketing product in the United States of America. From a regulatory standpoint, certifying USI-Tech’s BTC packages as a securities offering is straight-forward. In the past the SEC has clarified that, irrespective of what is or isn’t bundled with a ROI offering, the fact remains that any MLM investment offer is a security.

David are challenging the definition of a security in the Securities and Exchange Act is unclear. USI-Tech meanwhile is not, nor has it ever to the best of my knowledge, registered with the SEC. David representing otherwise, unregistered securities offerings are very much illegal in the US. David even went so far as to discuss company compliance with the FTC.