Ulukartal kapital forex

Let ulukartal kapital forex charts traders know if this service is worth ulukartal kapital forex or should be avoided. U seem to battle to get funds released.

It has taken me over a week whereas my other broker Infinox I have my funds in my account within a 48 hour period. The dont really respond to e-mails. I have heard a number of nightmare stories regarding transactions. Countless times my stoploss adjusted itself for me to make a loss when I’v moved my SL to BE I have all the email confirmation of adjusting my SL back to BE. And most recently I had a 50 pip trailing stop on one of my order. 23 pips and my trade got closed. I’ve been trading binary options with them since early 2016.

I haven’t had one for ages. I had one issue with misrepresentation, what I was told prior to funding my account and reality, which cost me profit but didn’t cause a loss when a trade should have been profitable. Withdrawals are processed immediately in full without any chasing. It’s usually in my account in 1-2 days and I’m talking about 8-10 5 digit withdrawal amounts far exceeding total deposits. They don’t penalise successful traders or play around. 2 BPS to what you see on Reuters then your expiry price is about 2 BPS better.

I’d say this generally adds to their credibility. Companies saying you can trade what you want and place 20k, 30k, etc. Commodities and Indicies have gone, probably something to do with them being futures rather than spot and MIFID 2 rules on pricing. That said I never saw a problem with the futures prices when they were there. Indicies had limited expiries so I didn’t trade them on ETX anyhow. If they could bring the other assets back, with the same expiries offered for FX, I’d give them a 4. Get everything in writing about what you agree with them at account opening and keep the voice recordings just in case.

If you had a problem before 3-Jan-2018 report them to the UK Gambling Commission or if after the FCA. You can also escalate to the Financial Services Ombudsman. I hope this helps, especially as there are so many scams brokers out there and so few decent ones. No response at 5:55 PM UK time. Phone call was received on both but no voice . 20K, the moment my account became green the problems arrived. 32K up in profit that means my balance was up to 52K.

20K but he said that he dont have a clue why this is happening. CANT pay me my profits and they are not gonna discuss the reason. 32K EUR but i cant trade it or withdraw it. Top 10 forex trading brokers in india. 10 best forex broker in india, this list is done to provide the best trading experience.