Turtles system forex

Hello everyone below is a quick little step by step process of how to breed red tail boa constrictors. Turtles system forex: We always keep our boas in separate enclosures except for when they are breeding.

When preparing the male and female boa for the breeding season you want to maintain the warm side of the tank temperatures at 85-90 degrees F and the cool side at 70-75 degrees F. We use under the tank heaters with thermostats to control temperatures in our breeding room. July by a third or double what she is eating now. Keep in mind that boas will rarely eat during pregnancy. You don’t want to over feed her and make her fat but you do want to thicken her up a bit. She will need to be in prime shape before and during her pregnancy to ensure her health and the health of her babies.

When October comes around its time to start cycling the boas temperatures letting nighttime temperatures on the warm side of the cage drop to 68-75 degrees F and day time temps being around 85-90 degrees F. We usually introduce our males in late December. Keep a close eye on the two when breeding especially during the first few times they are introduced. We like to put a male in the cage with a female for 3-5 hours while keeping an eye on them and if they don’t show any interest will will take the male out and introduce him again about 5-7 days later. Watch the female closely for her ovulation. It will look like she has swallowed a Nerf football, and it will show in the top lower third of her body.

When you see this do not take the male out of the enclosure if he is still courting her. After the POS the female will be giving birth approximately 100-120 day later. Its now time to bump up your heat and keep the warm side of the cage at an even 80-85 degrees F during the night and day times. It is important for the temperatures to stay consistent during this period as the female will need heat throughout the next 4 months to incubate the babies inside of her. Watch for the pre birth waxy stool. 1-2 days before your female gives birth to her young she will drop a pre birth waxy stool.