Tradersway forex

Worst broker there could ever tradersway forex. Charges outrageous amount on swap charges. Lets you use high leverage so they can steal your money faster. 1 price manipulator at its best.

UK broker FXCM permanently banned in US as well. 10 currency pair to trade for a standard acc. Got to admit this platform sure has everything that a trader can hope for, great functionality, nice interface, easy to understand apps, instant execution, some of the lowest spreads. I am in trading in here for last four month.

I am learning in lot in here also trading I am learning many thing. I am also having many trader tell me things about trading. Did you got your profit back? I am in new in here but I know lot in trading for I am tradering many month in currency. I like how platform I have no waiting for my entry in executed also I can using ea in here. I have posted here my complete information mobile number – 07666231229 office number – 022-61642100.

I have been scammed by the fraud broker tradersway. The same exact thing happened to me numerous of times. You are not the only one. I in trade in last month in my demo also learn in here. What I like is how price is keeping precise also spreading is tiny too. I am also seeing copy trade in here so people like me who is learning also trade good. This compant is a money making.

If you make profit they will not give but if you lose they will be very happy because they are not investing in any market all scam. I see some Indians here commenting about their forex trading. I want to know from the Indians here if is it legal or illegal to do do forex trading in India. I am deciding in learn forex so I am join here in demo. I also like how customer people go in all help to me.

Just closed a transaction, with profits, and opened another one on Cable and all with a single click. I join in here in trade only in last ten day. I still learn all in trading. This broker has many many good information in trading also many trader allow me to copy trade so I making money too.

I like platform it is good in beginner. Testing the platform out for the last couple of weeks sure makes it apparent why this platform, with all its bells and whistles, is my top choice. I new so know nothing in trading till I come here. I am learning also I am using this copying feature so I make some money also when learning trading. This place give me mobile access also many good features.