Trademate forex

Make sure to read the manual for best results. If you are serious about trading Forex then sooner or later you would like to automate your trading in such a way that you do not have to stay in front of your Trademate forex looking signals. You would like to have an automated tool to provide you signals and approve only the one which you know will be profitable. Originally we made an automated version which will give you a pop up alert every time there is a signal.

Our clients asked for fully automated version. Based on their feedback and our dedicated experts in Forex programming and optimization we finally developed the fully automated version. Trades and monitors Sell and Buy Orders separately to increase profits. By default it is fully automated. Professional traders like to have control over each trade.

Can trade separate time-frames for Buy and Sell Trades. Partial Close of your profit at profitable levels or can be customized by you. Trades only within profitable hours for both Buy and Sell trades. And more potential profit to unlock on other pairs. We are constantly working to find the best optimized parameters for each pair. ProEMAGain strategy and all you need to do is just install it and see how your trades are being entered automatically.

Some are interested in extra cash, some want to slowly and steadily grow their accounts. And some of you want to get rich fast enough to have time to enjoy your wealth and time. How much time do you have to trade? Forex traders check 2-3 pairs at most at a time, or even 1 pair if they trade during their full time job. For me personally it takes few seconds to install the EA on a chart. It is not only that we checked what are the best stop loss and take profit, but also the best trading hours for this system, and used a innovative approach to find best settings for each individual pair when it comes to long-time results from trading. It is like having a copy of running on M15 for buy trades and another on H1 for sell trades.

But we combined and optimized it so you do not need 2 charts open for separate directions, all you have to do is just apply the EA on M15 chart and it will do the rest for you. Check these 2 signals it took on autopilot, isn’t that impressive? I bet you will agree with me that those seconds the trade was places on market are lot less then minutes or maybe hours of watching the market for the right signal. If you are a person who invests his money smart then you will understand the true value of this offer. This way of trading is one of the best solutions for a successful trader.

You are still trading, but you are trading smart and efficient. Emotions, Fear and Greed are few of the factors that could cost you a fortune. Are you ready to risk your fortune? No more mistakes when looking for setups. This great software was specifically designed to take less of your valuable time and make you more profitable to place the order on the market when the time is right, while You can keep doing whatever you want. No more stress while placing the trade, no more calculations of Stop Loss, Take Profit, Lot Size and many other things. For most of the traders it takes few minutes to set it up, no more!

You still got the power to control over most of the settings of this EA. You know what to expect, You know how it works and you can try it before placing on a real account. Trading does not need to be hard if you take smart decisions. He not only developed the automated version of the strategy, but also made hundreds of tests and forward tests to find the most profitable parameters and money management solutions.