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Spend your way onto the property ladder! I received a mailshot offering free entries into the National Lottery – is it a scam? Fed up with being hit by energy price shocks? A spat has broken out between Purplebricks and investment bank Jefferies over allegations the online estate agent sells fewer homes than it claims. 50 chance of selling their property.

Purplebricks charges a flat fee rather than a percentage of the sale price, but customers have to pay the fee regardless of whether the property is sold or not. Jefferies said that Purplebricks’ sales success rate was just over 51 per cent and in line with traditional estate agents, compared to previous claims it sold 88 per cent of homes listed. Analyst Anthony Codling said: ‘Our analysis suggests that Purplebricks’ success rate is near the middle of the pack. However, although only just over half actually sell their home, everyone has to pay. With a traditional High Street agent, the homeowner only pays if the agent sells their home. A review of Purplebricks’ accounting policies raises concerns to us that either its contractual obligations to its customers end with their home being listed on the major property portals, or revenue may have been overstated and deferred income provisions understated in its audited accounts. Should the model stumble, the share price may do likewise.

The comments sent shares in Purplebricks down more than 7 per cent on Thursday and forced the firm to publish a statement yesterday refuting the criticism. Shares in financial services company IFG plunged after it revealed the full extent of its tax charge and confirmed it had received a number of approaches for its Saunderson House subsidiary. 8million tax charge from HMRC over investments in its unregulated biofuel scheme, Elysian Fuels. 20million, sending its shares plunging 4 per cent, or 7.