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900 000 are todo sobre forex with us! 10 that can be used to activate the Business Machine service!

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Do you really want to delete your account? 10 000 monthly – it’s easy! On 11th of November, we have turned 6 years old! This is the number of participants registered since the beginning of the project in November 2011.

Many of them have already become successful fundraisers. This is the total amount of funds received by fundraisers since the beginning of the project in November 2011. In this case, one portion of the funds is sent to the International Charitable Foundation for Children, “Whole World”, and the other one to the up-line partners throughout structure. Thanks to a unique technical solution, all money transfers are automatically performed directly between the participants, bypassing the company’s account! This special offer is valid from 1-st to 31-st of May 2018.

An amount of money sent to charity purposes this month thanks to the activity of this fundraiser. After the health examination in February 2013, Oleg Kovalev was diagnosed with terrible osteogenic sarcoma in proximal metaphysis of right humerus. This news came as a blow to the whole family. After the diagnosis, Oleg’s mother contacted our fund. In order to save Oleg it was necessary to perform a complex surgery to remove the part of the affected bone and install the imported endoprosthesis that the Whole World charitable community promised to pay for. Ulugbek Dekhonov has a complex disease, a Hodgkin’s lymphoma relapse.

His aunt has asked the Whole World charitable fund for help. Since 2010, the boy was being treated in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and the city of St. Petersburg, and his family was paying for the expensive treatment all that time. But in 2012, they were not able to pay themselves for the treatment any more. Andrey began to experience problems with his back at the age of 10.

After a medical examination, he was directed to a hospital in the city of Tyumen, where the question of surgical correction was considered. The planned operation involves the surgical correction of the spinal deformity with implantation of expensive metallic structures. The fundraisers and benefactors of our community took the boy under patronage and fully paid for the treatment of Andrey. In the age of six months, Nikita was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, or malignant tumour of retina of both eyes.