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I attempted to verify Posel’s statement about all police departments being corporations to no avail. Here is the link searching for “police association” doing a corp search at the Secretary of State website. Here is the link for Greensboro Police Officer’s Association. Here is a susanne posel bitcoin wiki map search for the listed address.

There is no Raleigh Police Association. I’m surprised Jim wasn’t aware of Agenda 21. Keywords to remain aware of are sustainability and wildlife diversity. PS That was the most awful version of Midnight Special I’ve ever heard! Jim does not go out looking for left-propaganda materials, it seems, or pedophile info, either. Some things have to be brought under his nose a few times. Anthropogenic Global Warming info has to be carefully discussed for him.

Why have you decided to constantly dog me Clare? I’m getting very sick of it. Ian, Clare wasn’t “dogging you”, just making a clarification about me, which I appreciate. Well, there wasn’t any criticism,implied or direct in my post so I don’t know why Clare felt she had something to correct, and where left-wing propaganda comes into what I said is beyond me.