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This entry was posted in Open Forum. Isn’t it wonderful to see Labor and the Greens at each other’s throats. So, David Warner, the next time someone supply and demand forex trading in a nutshell books you about the sexual history of Candice Falzon, repeat this. How weird is this sentence, why did the author change David Warner’s wife’s name back to her maiden name?

I have enjoyed the current debate here concerning abortion. It has in general been conducted with civility and with dignity to all, with Dr. BG fielding well some less-worthy comments from a certain zzzzzzzzzz. On contentious issues one hopes for a fair hearing, which sometimes doesn’t happen. I’d like to thank CL for attempting to head off a recent attack on me the other night with a topic change, whereas others could not recognize my distress and simply added to it. The review was submitted to Quadrant last night. It may simply not be their thing, I have heard nothing back yet of course, but at least I completed it.

There is satisfaction enough in that. And afterwards, after all those amazing athletes, she chose me. Support your wife’s sexual agency and put de Kock in his place. Way down the batting order and struggling to keep his spot as a wicket keeper. I don’t mind that he is a dumb xunt. Being a yapping dumb xunt with a thin skin is what has got him into trouble. Who needs water when you have beer?

The greatest cricketing nation on earth evah has been brought to it’s knees by 1 reference to dunny sex and 150 carboard SBW masks. I’m confused, is this author driving the knife in? At first I thought she was doing that thing where a girl tries to do blokesy banter and everyone around dies of acute internal cringe failure. You are going to have to write that on the back of his hand. You’re a very talented writer, that’s a fact. One thing that I forgot to mention about Perpetua is that she has a direct line to St.

We did discuss his dismissal as a Catholic Saint, and she did tell me she ignores that and you should go down on your knees to him if you want him to work for you. I think the last serous criminal Victoria Police arrested was one Edward Kelly. Even the last man hanged in Australia, Ronald Ryan, was arrested in New South Wales, and returned to Victoria for trial. DB, I did point out that there is a fair degree of congruence between moral judgements at least in those cultures which encourage its development. The fact that many of the values of Buddhism are shared by Christianity is one example of this. The same holds for aesthetic judgments. It’s not just me thinking your preference for Hallmark over Rembrandt makes you an aesthetic imbecile.

There’s clearly much more to it than that. It’s a bit like asking how can we tell when a joke is really funny. Or how can we tell when a piece of music is good. That is, when I asked you to provide reasons that distinguish, so to say, a Hallmark card from a Rembrandt self-portrait you simply waved your hands and declared the task hopeless and the demand nonsensical.

Really, non-specific cells produce human beings? Maybe that clump of non specified cells was algae? What were you before you were human, overburdened? Where in their minds eye they imagine a nice formless cell as seen on TV. They couldn’t hold the line at the usual 10 weeks even, it’s a total blitz. I will ask Sinc for your email, Zulu, and let Perpetua know about your interest in the development of the Kimberley, and your family’s role there. We discussed how it has not been easy at times being a Durack in WA because of tensions over aboriginal matters and land.

Any cats at thr Jordan B Peterson talk this evening? I’m only talking about allowing the removal of a clump of cells the moment after conception you wacky catholic hardliner! Everything else should be illegal as of course, it’s barbaric to tear apart fully formed babies! Well it seems you’ve had a good run, Lizzie. I’d say Quadrant will like it.

The ending you posted was certainly well written and topical. I like JP don’t care for Sheeran but I would have gone to see Ed anyway. He’s very talented, None and quite humble. I remain astonished that most pro aborts still trot out the same old inane shallow arguments that fall apart with the slightest poke.

It astonishes me that these people continue to defend the indefensible on the basis of such flim-flam infantile teasoning. I’ve lost count of the men I have met who are still haunted by their partner’s abortion. That women regret abortions goes without saying. Lizzie, St Anthony of Padua has not been dismissed as a saint. You might be thinking of St Christopher. Christopher was most likely mis-identified, mistaken with St Menas, the Egyptian wonder-worker.

Sheeran’s first date got bad reviews for lousy sound. Had another friend go to the Friday night concert and no problem with sound then either. It takes considerable talent to hold a crowd for a couple of hours as a soloist. So he must be very, very good live to pull it off. Has done lots to help me out, and not just on lost items. I lost my mobile phone in a night club. Was told I’d never see it again.