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For some reason that eludes the beauty blogging community, L’Oreal decided to release their Color Infallible Eyeshadows under completely different names and numbers in the US. This has led to insomnia, profuse sweating, tears and hand wringing. There were even reports of mass paranoia on the West Coast of Canada. Thus, for my own sanity, I have composed a list of all known Color Infallible eyeshadows released worldwide to date along with their corresponding US names. Please do not steal this list.

Link and credit if you must share it. Massive thanks to Justine, Vicky, Labbit and everyone else who contributed to this list. I refuse to acknowledge that Pebble Grey and Sultry Smoke are two different colours. Same goes for Iced Latte and Hourglass Beige. To all my Canadian readers, I have spotted the new Infallibles at London Drugs!

Not applicable because this shade has not yet been released in this country. Seriouslythis like totally just made my day! I live in the US and I have been getting so confused trying to figure out if it’s worth trying to get any shades shipped over from overseas! Plus, I just love lists in general! So, this is likea super early bday present! This comment has been removed by the author.

XD Thanks for the compilation Judgy! Hope your wedding planning is going well! Golden Mahogany, Emerald Lamé, Forever Pink and Hourglass beige are sold also in Europe with these names. Unfortunately, at least in Italy, the first two shades were part of a limited edition and they are quite difficult to find now.