Stratagem forex

A plan of action for achieving an objective. Company’s latest Investor Presentation – April 2018. 3r d generation PSC PV technology with the assistance of in-country government financial support and suitable local manufacturers and distributors in stratagem forex venture. We are a disruptive technology enablement company with a multi-generation Technology Development Plan to bring successive generations of improved technology to the global PSC PV market.

Currently engaged in prototyping with plans to pilot line following successful completion of prototyping. Current commercialisation discussions are in Australia, Europe, UK, Turkey and China. We have an independent Stratagem Freedom To Operate study that demonstrates global IP superiority. Greatcell Solar also supplies equipment and laboratory solutions, including LED solar simulators. Greatcell Solar has excess capacity to scale materials production to commercial quantities for mass manufacture. Intellectual Property: as an original EPFL licensee Greatcell Solar has global freedom to operate in the field of Perovskite Solar Cells.

This superior position was confirmed in the 2013 Stratagem study. Patents cover core technology, device design, manufacturing processes and novel material use. VDL Enabling Technology Group – one of the world’s most sophisticated process engineering groups. Collaboration and Global Networking: Greatcell Solar is the global leader in IP harvesting and, as a publicly listed company, best positioned to commercially exploit its vast portfolio of intellectual property, including know-how and trade secrets created over 900 man years. Furthermore GSL’s connection with EPFL, NTU, CSIRO, Solliance, VDL and ACAP provides a formidable resource to further enhance our rapid scale-up program. 3rd Generation photovoltaic technology that can be applied to glass, metal, polymers or cement. Awarded 500,000 Euros in EU Horizon 2020 Pro.

Dear reader, online ads enable us to deliver the journalism you value. Please support us by taking a moment to turn off Adblock on Dawn. Some of you students will become defenders of the nation by joining the military. I was, from that day, hooked to the idea of becoming a fighter pilot and I chased that dream with resolve. Academy in Risalpur, who narrated to me the historic event of Jinnah’s visit to Risalpur, where Asghar Khan, the strict disciplinarian and the first commandant of the RPAF Flying College, received Jinnah and Ms Fatima Jinnah. PAF to be second to none. I never lost sight of this goal in all my decades as a fighter pilot.

To be second to none was also the basis of Asghar Khan’s vision for the PAF. His doctrine translated into a well-honed operational strategy and high training standards, which permeated our minds, and propelled us towards professional excellence. He took part in World War II, participating in the Burma Campaign, and later after Partition, captained missions into Kashmir in a lumbering Dakota against the Indian Air Force’s agile Tempest fighter planes. He catapulted the PAF from a rudimentary air force to one of the best in the world through extensive modernisation and professionalisation, within just 18 months of becoming the youngest commander-in-chief of the PAF to-date at the age of 36. Under Asghar Khan’s stewardship, the PAF created a world military aviation record in formation aerobatics with 16 aircrafts performing a loop in front of King Zahir Shah of Afghanistan. My first encounter with him came in 1957.

We had just performed an air show for a high-level US military delegation. At the end of the exercise, he shook our hands before introducing us to the visiting general. I was the youngest flying officer in the team and I recall the immense pride I felt at shaking Asghar Khan’s hands. The author is third from right. In that meeting, he spelt out the Top Secret operational plan and tactical stratagem of the PAF war doctrine. The occasion was intense as it was historical, for some of us were mid-career squadron commanders and were amazed and surprised that our commander-in-chief had taken us into confidence about the exact strategic plan.

He did not even utter a syllable of warning to keep the information close to our chests. He didn’t need to, as his training had imbued in his commanders that deep-rooted trust. It was left to us to execute the plan with efficiency and deadly accuracy. I recall that it was soon after Eid-ul-Fitr that an Indian spy bomber violated Pakistan’s air frontiers. The early air defence system, created as per Asghar Khan’s policy, responded with incredible alacrity. A young flight officer brought the bomber down at 40,000 feet, way above the fighter’s operational capability. Both the Indian pilot and the navigator were taken into custody.

Trained, readied and motivated by Asghar Khan, officers of all ranks performed beyond expectations. This was also the indomitable spirit with which the PAF fought the 1965 war. Unfortunately, he had been allowed to retire when the clouds of war were menacingly evident on the horizon. He was the only military commander who foresaw the forebodings and prepared the PAF to face the juggernaut. 1971 about how those at the national helm perpetrated the senseless war. My next profound experience of meeting Asghar Khan led me to become very close to him.

It was during the 25th anniversary of the 1965 war when former air chiefs and some prominent participants of the war were invited to the PAF base in Sargodha. Accompanied by my former wife, I saluted Asghar Khan and inquired about his campaign for the 1990 election, offering my humble services in any way that could help. Spontaneously, and uncharacteristically, he addressed my former wife and asked if she would spare me for a month or more, so I could help out in the campaign. It was agreed upon without further ado and I spent six weeks or so with him in the lead up to the election.