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I have been helped so much by this forum I thought it was time to give something back. For some reason it trades a lot more in forward stochastic forex tsd forum than in back-testing, and makes a whole lot more money – I have been forward testing for over a month now and it hasn’t missed a beat. I would love someone to take it and improve it with money management etc, my skills are not that great. It doesn’t do well in backtesting before 2008 but I figure the personality of the pair has changed anyway and no EA is forever for that reason.

Best results so far are EURUSD 30min, with default settings. 09 I have added an update that looks at the magic number before it closes a trade. R hits an extreme point, generally at a profit, although if you want you can set take profit, stop loss and trailing stop loss. I am still learning FX indicators, may you tell me how can I learn to use stochastic indicator? Thanks so much for your feedback! This EA uses the stochastic moving out of the ‘overbought’ or ‘oversold’ zone as a sell or buy trigger if it is moving in the same direction as the trend, with a moving average to determine the trend. You can upload the mq4 version into this website to make changes or view the logic.

Attached is the same backtest graph with MM. Now if someone can only figure out how to squeeze more pips out of some of the trades that close before the trend ends. Looks good for EURUSD, but no so for a few other pairs I tried. Took 2 trades so far, both winners. Its definitely not an EA for people that are looking for a lot of action thou.

No you are right it is a high probability EA that makes fewer trades. I use it with about 5 others that are all higher probability low trade volume and it gives me less drawdown. All of them together probably have alot of action. I have a question since i don’t know anything about the coding thing.

Does this EA have fuctions to make sure orders are executed despite requotes, offquotes and all the other mambo jumbo those pesky brokers use to mess with us? Coders call them loops i think? I would like to test it out of small live IBFX mini acctount. No unfortunately I am not that clever. It allows for slippage to a point but that is all. It is a good idea and definitely would be an improvement! You are a fountain of knowledge – real information without a con – I thank you for this very good site and especially grateful that you spend so much time on behalf of all of us.

Is any AFL which i can use? I would like from you to point me to someone very professional who can build an EA to my custom specifications , of course with adequate compensation,and who can respect the secrecy agreement I will sign with him. As I do not have a lot of time to sit all day in front of my laptop,this would be an ideal solution to me. I do not know who else to turn to? EA programmers to be found at forex-tsd.

This saves space on the MT4 window and allows for easy and rapid spotting of a new trend or reversal on all timeframes, seen from just one chart. I am attaching a screenshot with 3 of such indicators. Their premise is very simple, sell when all lines are red or buy when all lines are blue. The lines differ only by what time frame theyre reading from. I am attaching a chart with 3 different such indicators. In the second screenshot I have posted my idea to apply this MTF color bar design to stochastics.

The goal is to receive the same kind of signals the other indicators attempt to give but without the redraw issue, since a change of color from red to blue or blue to red should happen only after the close of the candle where the stochastic has crossed. If anyone can code this indicator it should be a very powerful tool for all of us to incorporate into our trading. For the proposed indicator it would be vital to maintain the MTF property and it wouldnt matter if the indicator draws only one bar from 1 timeframe, as we would be able to just stack as many as we want with different timeframes and settings. It would also be essential for the periods , timeframe and applied price to remain a modifiable variable.

I am attaching the MTF stochastic indicator I currently use. I am excited to see if anyone can code this, once we have an indicator ready I will post a new thread with a complete system that will combine it with other indicators for optimum entry and exit levels. Here it is but I don’t know how to do MTF. Attached is a stoch dots indicator so you can check if I did it right. 02 cause it comes with the alert, but when switched to say 15mins, it cannot display the stochastic for 5min, which means at higher tf, lower tf is not able to display, anyone could try to fix it?