Sinclair concentricity gauge dial indicator forex

One of our representatives will be happy to contact you within 24 hours. 8 of a turn on the wheel. Providing consistent pressure on the case. User can angle wheel to sinclair concentricity gauge dial indicator forex or right to keep the base of the case rotating against the stop.

Additionally, this new gauge uses Stainless Steel TURNING ROLLERS as opposed to fixed bearings or V configuration. Also the 21st Century Shooting gauge lets the operator check not only the O. You will especially appreciate the roller supports that glide on linear guide-ways, with a simple push of a button for adjusting the base. As PRECISION hand loaders, we are basically small machine operators. Much of what we do has been derived from the machine shop industry but scaled down to make it affordable. In spite of improvements in manufacturing processes and capabilities over the years, the old way of doing things tends to prevail. At 21st Century Shooting it is our goal to modernize an industry that has seen little change over the years.

The new concentricity gauge is a perfect example. This tool will also check loaded rounds. I know everyone is gonna say 21 century, but I’m drawn to Sinclair’s digital concentricity gauge. Easy to set at the low point in the brass. Not a fan of digital dial indicators, prefer the swinging hand. The old school indicators are just more intuitive to me. Spent my life as a tool maker and used them daily.

Digital dial indicators involve to much thinking. I have the Sinclair gauge and While I believe it works for the intended purpose of checking concentricity I have modified mine to check base to Ogive measurements. The problem is the gauge appears to jump, I was measuring some Bergers recently and had three different groups separated by 1 thou, . 48 when all of a sudden I had a . 51 followed by another and then a . I then checked the bullets measured at . A bit fiddling about and setting the dial back to zero I then managed to get it to measure the .

I have since been on the Sinclair website and looked at their bullet sorting tool which would appear to use the same digital dial indicator as their concentricity gauge , and while reading the reviews for the bullet sorting tool someone else had exactly the same problem as I encountered. This isn’t a bash at Sinclair, I have used many of their products over the years without problem, but when you’re measuring something as precise as runout or bullet measurements then I believe quality measuring equipment is a absolute must. Just a few more thoughts on these gauges. I own and use the Sinclair tool. I in my humble opinion the 21st Century tool is better engineered. First a 0 to 1″ indicator is the wrong tool for the job. 030″ of travel is the proper tool for the job.