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President of United Muslim Organization, Prof. He was not only a renowned jurist of his time but also the most powerful and successful caliph. He ruled a vast territory of the world that is about 2. In his rule the minorities and majority both were satisfied. Everybody including the poor and the poorest of the people could easily meet him anytime.

He said that the concept of democracy has failed in Europe and America due to corruption. Khalid, Secretary UMO, while conducting the seminar explained in detail the aims and objectives of the seminar and said that the main purpose of UMO is to improve the moral standard of Muslim society and struggle for the restoration of their rights. The rights which have been enshrined in the constitution of India should be restored to them. Allah and that’s why the society during his tenure was better than the present society. Ahmad, Chairman, PMT College of Education, Dr.

Hashmi, Secretary, Azad Academy, Masood Jeelani, Media Personality, Irfan Ali, Chaudhary Nihal Azmat, Member Planning Commission, U. Ram Kishor, President Forward Block, Sirajuddin Ahmad, Scientist, Adv. Seeratun Nabi’ written by Allama Shibli Nomani was presented to various journalists of Urdu newspapers and the Madarsas. The Milli Gazette is a free and independent readers-supported media organisation. To support it, please contribute generously.

BILL GATES : Hong Kong market could open cash flood gates for U. Samdani is on the Board of Directors at Golden Harvest Agro Industries Ltd. Golden Harvest Organic Aquaculture Holdings Ltd. BILL GATES : Hong Kong market could open cash flood gates for U.

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