Set and forget forex ea

It is a highly effective EA for trades set and forget forex ea USDJPY. It will find the correct entry point when London market is open.

This is a non-martingale trading that allows EA traders to be comfortable that no Overtrade or Overlot occurs. But this EA user must be mindful of long-term trading. Traders must be able to accept long-term trades because this trading method will have some month to lose. Algorithm This EA will calculate the probable point when the price breakout at that price, Then there is the probability that the price will reach the Take Profit point. And when you open Order, the Stoploss will be set at the appropriate point immediately. Order From all of the above.

Each order has a clear TP and SL. And do not need to increase the lot to replace the loss order. Risk For each trade will happen with SL. It will lose money from the balance as the risk we have set. There are 14 consecutive orders with the a maximum loss. And if you win, you will earn more profit than losing about 1. Work fast We have optimized the algorithm to work as fast as possible.

And use the least resources So you can choose cheap VPS to save the cost of trading. But do not forget that You should choose a reliable and stable provider. Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. No policy for fundraising and return on fundraising. BigbenEA will not be responsible if customer lose money from that investment with our software.

This is because the past can not guarantee the future. Please refer to the profit and risk profile on our website. BigbenEA will refund you in full when the software is unusable. And Customers will need to test after we sending the software via email within 5 days. However, in case of input incorrect account number or email in payment process, BigbenEA will not be responsible in this case.