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This is the first time, I made a journal here . You made in a day what top professionals make sesi forex factory a year. It is either a lucky streak or you found the holy grail. I suggest you take it easy, and lower your leverage in order to preserve your earnings.

I believe that the overall subconscious goal is to feel surrounded by living, breathing, real people. Otherwise we would just sit in front of a screen for hours and have conversations with our inner voices, right? CARING”, “FAMILY”, “SUPPORTING”, “RESPECT” are the major characteristics what is supposed to define this thread. That being said, here are the 2 simple rules we want you to follow. DXY-USD Index or EXY-EURO Index charts and ideas are also allowed!

Hatred, fights, and non-trading related debates between members are definitely forbidden! Trolling and toxic behaviour will not be tolerated! Share constructive criticism about other members’ posts. Talk about their private life, may it happiness or difficulties, that they think would allow to create bonds between members. All members will tolerate such behaviour for the sake of creating a family here. Share ideas in different languages here and there as long as the content follows the 2 simple rules mentioned earlier.

Teach newbies and share educational information. Example 1: Entered LONG at 1. Example 2: I’ve just put a Buy Limit pending order at 1. 0890, my initial SL is 1. Post ideas around EURUSD from other sources, as long as you mention the source or provide the link to it.