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American entrepreneur, venture capitalist, philanthropist, political activist, and author. Thiel was born in Frankfurt, seasteading institute bitcoin holds German citizenship.

He moved with his family to the United States as an infant, and spent a portion of his upbringing in Africa before returning to the United States. He studied philosophy at Stanford University, graduating with a B. He launched Palantir Technologies, a big data analysis company, in 2004 and continues to serve as its chairman as of 2018. Thiel is involved with a variety of philanthropic and political pursuits. Peter Andreas Thiel was born in Frankfurt am Main, West Germany on October 11, 1967 to Susanne and Klaus Friedrich Thiel. Peter had to change elementary schools seven times.

Dragons, was an avid reader of science fiction, with Isaac Asimov and Robert A. Heinlein among his favorite authors, and a fan of J. In school, Thiel excelled in mathematics, and scored first in a California-wide mathematics competition while attending middle school in San Mateo. After graduating from San Mateo High School, Thiel went on to study philosophy at Stanford University. Thiel served as The Stanford Review’s first editor-in-chief and remained in that post until he received his Bachelor of Arts in 1989, at which point his friend David O.