Sbfi sodium indicator forex

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Get access to the best antibodies, discovery platforms, and know-how to advance your diagnostic and therapeutic programs. Sodium and potassium channels are ion-selective pores that span the cell membrane and serve to regulate and establish membrane potential. Unlike SBFI, it loads readily into cells and is excited by visible light. Although Asante NaTRIUM Green excites maximally at 517 nm, its exceptional brightness enables excitation at the standard 488 nm settings used for the Fluo calcium indicators. Moreover, it works well for 2-photon excitation with near-infrared light. It loads readily and is excited by visible light.

Optimal excitation occurs at 517 nm, but the indicator can also be excited at the conventional wavelength of 488 nm. SQI-Et and SQI-Pr have an intrinsic fluorescence that is excitable by UV light. Therefore, they are not well-suited for use with SBFI. It is commonly used as an agent to induce apoptosis and can also be used to calibrate potentiometric responses in membrane experiments involving potential-sensitive dyes. Therefore it is commonly used in the fluorescence calibration of cytosolic pH indicators. Induces cation transport across artificial membranes. 1 lists the properties of sodium indicators offered by TEFLabs.