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May-14 Tax specialists come in different shapes and kinds – which is salary definition investopedia forex best for you? May-11 Will Tax Reform reduce charitable contributions?

Apr-23 Are You Required to Submit a 2018 Tax Return? Can Overseas Americans Get an IRS Refund? How do I know you are a legitimate business? Lastly – we have also been vetted by the State Department and listed on web sites of 22 American Consulates as an Approved Tax Preparer. Let’s look at the UK as an example. US taxes, the fees they charge will likely border between obscene and ridiculous.

The reason is simple – while there are thousands of Americans in the UK who need to file taxes in both countries, the number of competent tax preparers who can do both is minuscule. The only real upside from hiring one accountant to deal with both tax systems is reduced communication. However – do you want to pay three or four times for the same service just to have to deal with one professional instead of two? This is certainly a personal decision – but make the determination knowing exactly why you make the choice. All firms that we partner with have been recommended by other clients and vetted by us.