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News: Rpietila bitcoin stable version of Bitcoin Core: 0. This thread is to host a community-built FAQ for Monero .

Post questions and answers in new replies and we’ll edit them into the FAQ. Controversial changes will be held back in a separate controversial section until there is reasonable consensus. Where is the official Monero thread? What are the minimum requirements for a computer to run the wallet? How do I use Monero with 32-bit Windows? What are the best installation instructions to use, where do I get more information, etc.

Why is Monero not user friendly like most other cryptocurrencies? Why is there no official GUI wallet? Where is the GUI wallet ? Can I have multiple Monero addresses in my local node?

How do I use the view key? How do I generate a new wallet address for a transaction, like in Bitcoin? How long does it take to send a transaction? Why are some of my coins locked? Why does it takes so long to unlock them? How do I check my simplewallet log file?

Is there a webwallet for Monero? How to use a remote node? Can someone peer into my account without my consent? Isn’t the mnemonic seed and the inability to change the words security holes? Any strategy for protecting my moneroj? I can’t send XMR because simplewallet or bitmonerod reports something like ‘failed to send” How do I solve this? Monero blockchain uses too much RAM, is filling up my hard drive, etc.

What’s up with all the bloat? Who are the official core team members? Monero dev team seems to be too sluggish, does not? What on earth are these ‘PaymentIDs’ I keep hearing about? I have send to an exchange without using the payment id? Why is the price going up?

Why is the price going down? Will the price go back up? Can I mine directly to my exchange address, or do I need to setup a local wallet? How much can I mine per day? Can the cryptography behind Monero be broken?