Quarters theory forex charts

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I don’t think the small scalers can afford to get it done properly. I would have expected a much more stable fruit bunch delivery rather than varying wildly as we have been. I also think getting Guitry up and running should help mitigate as it spreads the risk a bit. West IC to South East IC, so I think guilty may have a subtly different climate to ayenouan. TBH I think DKLs strategy works very well when times are good, but having hundreds of different suppliers limits your ability to mitigate tough environmental times such as drought. Old TT alluded to it, I. Excellent work Phil and thanks for sharing it.

It could be the fragmentation of DKL’s supply model which has advantages in that you are not over-reliant on a single supplier but perhaps a flawed model as you want to scale up. A strategy of trying to open a revenue stream in another country while its well at home suffers water shortages. A board that is behind the curve and certainly not ahead of it. Think simply put that heavy rain is beneficial but flooding and drought are detrimental. Final point from my research, as far as I can tell the main suspected effect of heavy rain is to dilute the oil yields, but I can’t find any evidence of negative effects on fruit bunch numbers. As we’ve been seeing low fruit bunch numbers I think that’s probably due to low rain. I think ATM as far as I can tell the farmer consensus regarding cocoa in our region is yields for Q2 look good , but they are slightly concerned about the recent heavy rain.

Hopefully Palm oil yields are also reflected and looking good, and fingers crossed the heavy rain either subsides OR palm oil yields are more resilient to it. Setup a personalised Watchlist and Virtual Portfolio. View more Trades, Directors’ Deals, and Broker Ratings. Datafeed and UK data supplied by NBTrader and Digital Look.

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We have organized these investment timing strategies by groups for easier reading, and at the bottom of the list we discuss some of the more credible timing strategies. Rising new jobs created is a bullish trend, whereas rising unemployment is a bearish trend. More on unemployment rate investment timing. CPI can be a signal of strong economy in the short term, but over the long term can lead to higher interest rates and a dampening effect on the stock market. Forex currency traders also watch CPI signals to time many of their investment trades.

Here you can track CPI trends. It is simple to use and significantly outperforms other financial and macroeconomic indicators in predicting recessions two to six quarters ahead. More on timing your investments with yield curve analysis. When housing starts are rising more people feel confident they can afford the long term cost of a home and this boosts overall economic activity levels which is generally positive for the stock market outlook. More on using housing starts to time your stock market investments.