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See the original story in Japanese. Alpaca will use the latest funds to develop a trading platform using the deep learning technology quantconnect forex charts Capitalico.

The platform started its beta testing in early October aiming for public release in January next year. Alpaca is the successor to Ikkyo Technology, which had developed image filtering and matching service Categorific, a startup born out of Movida Japan’s 5th batch incubation program in 2014. Prior to founding Ikkyo Technology, Alpaca co-founder and CEO Tsuyoshi Yokokawa worked for Lehman Brothers as a trader where he was in charge of marketing and structuring financial products in the capital markets team. It seems his experience at that time is the basis of the new service development. Forex traders typically use a software to analyze buying and selling decisions. I wanted to change this situation. Based upon image recognition deep learning technology, the Capitalico platform allows users to easily find a forex chart from an archive since 2001 as well as a live forex chart which is similar to what you have on hand.

We have been told that image recognition deep learning technology can be efficiently adopted into fintech services as well as medical image analysis. But in order to help them pop up, we need a scheme like business development or funding to support them regardless of however good their trading performance or reputation is. When ordinary people can gain access to investment criteria or a decision-making algorithm of star traders, we will be able to create a marketplace which will be like selling cooking recipes. Under this scheme, if you make a profit using an algorithm developed by star traders, you would be able to pay a commission to them so that they would be pleased to open up their secrets to users.

It would enable even amateurs to trade in a professional manner from day one. There are 50 million forex accounts are being used for all 300 million retail investment accounts around the world. To my knowledge, there are some startups with similar ideas in Israel and Europe in this sector. But I’d like to take another occasion to discuss their potential competitiveness. He’s been traveling around Silicon Valley and Asia exploring the IT industry, and he also curates event updates for the Tokyo edition of Startup Digest.

10M series A from Mitsubishi Corp. We’ve taken a radically open approach. To attach images, drag and drop them into the textarea. The dataset is research ready and contains split and dividend adjustments, earnings data, and accounts for corporate events and survivorship bias. Data is available with a full array of format customization options designed to make the data instantly deployable and compatible with any trading software.