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A platform or surface likened to a ship’s deck. An unroofed platform, typically with a railing, that adjoins a building or is built on a rooftop. The roadway of a bridge or an elevated freeway. The piece of hard material, usually wood or composite, to which the frames housing the wheels are attached on a skateboard or landboard. A group of data processing cards.

A digital file containing slides for a presentation. To furnish with or as if with a deck. Slang To knock down: He decked his sparring partner. To fall or drop to a prone position. Sports Waiting to take one’s turn, especially as a batter in baseball.

Often used with out: We were all decked out for the party. To decorate: decked the halls for the holidays. Deck a heap or store: a pile of things laid flat one upon the other. The house was decked with flowers. He decked his opponent with a single punch. She had decked him out in expensive clothes.

To dress in formal or special clothing. Also used with out:array, attire, dress up, prank. The cars are on the lower deck. Let’s go on the top deck. The gambler used his own deck of cards. They were sitting in deck-chairs on the beach.