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Ever since our article, how to talk to a girl on the phone, we’profste forex been getting many questions about what to say when the phone call leads to her voicemail. It can be a difficult task because how do you a leave a voice message where you don’t sound needy, creepy, or too contrived for her to call you back?

Now, what I’m about tell you are statements I’ve used that have worked a huge percentage of the time. I understand our method is to side step any pre-conceived pick up lines, so I ask that you take what I’m about to tell you as guidelines for your next voice messages. Remember, no one knows you better than yourself, so leave a voice message that pertains to your own creativity and voice. But, before we go into these statements, let’s go through why leaving a voice message is important. Most guys don’t leave voice messages, so this will make you stand out from the rest.

You’re putting yourself in a vulnerable situation because you’re doing something where she is the one who decides whether to call you back or not. I’m confident that you will call me back. You don’t know how many girls I’ve been with who have told me that they still keep my voice message and listen to it when they need a quick laugh. It’s fun to do for yourself because you have free rein to be as creative as you want with your voice message. And, there is absolutely no one stopping you or halting your conversation during the voice message. Now that you understand why it’s important, there are also a few things you must remember before we get into these statements.

She can’t see your face when you’re calling, but when you smile it will reflect in your tone of voice. If you call and you sound like a sad depressed ogre, then that’s the vision she’ll have in her head. And, if you’re having issues smiling, watch a funny clip on the internet that makes you laugh and then call her right then and there. If you stutter or slur your words, then start practicing how you speak. My favorite exercise is to read out loud in front of a mirror for 15 minutes a day. You may look like a dummy, but in the long run it’ll help you with your articulation. Sometimes the greatest way to pull someone in to your voice is by pausing.

As you’re talking, pause for a brief second during your sentence and then continue. The pause creates a sense of curiosity for the person listening, and they’re more likely to want to hear more. Try it yourself by recording a fake voice message and listen to how pausing helps. Lastly, if you want to practice the above steps, it’s crucial to record yourself and re-listen to see if the voice message is clear, articulate, fun, and enticing. The line, “something reminded me of you,” can get her curiosity boiling. Call me back at 555-555-5555 to talk things through. This one is just more fun.