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Explanation of Pretax Margin The Pretax Margin measures how well a company can generate before-tax profits at the current level of sales. Importance of Pretax Margin As with any margin, a high or increasing Pretax Margin is usually a positive sign, showing the company is able to keep its operations costs low, while being able to pull in strong earnings. The Pretax Margin varies greatly between industries, so you will have to compare the results for the company you are analyzing to industry averages. What Is a Pretax Profit Margin? Can You Determine Profit Margin With a Loss?

Profit margins are used to compare the profitability and operational efficiency of businesses, but taxes are expenditures that can make profitability comparisons between companies misleading. Knowing how to deal with taxes when it comes to profit margins can help you get a clearer picture of your company’s financial health. Definition Pretax profit margin is a financial accounting tool used to measure the profitability of a business before deducting taxes. It is used to compare profitability of businesses within the same industry. The margin allows a company to monitor profitability trend and to compare current margins with historical records.

Profit Levels Gross profit or profit after deducting cost of goods sold from sales is the first profit level in an income statement. Profit after deducting expenses from gross profit is known as net profit before taxes or pretax profit. Profit after payment of taxes, or net income is the third and last profit level in the income statement. Each profit level uses a different profitability margin. Calculation Dividing pretax profit by sales will result to the pretax profit margin. 100,000 will yield a pretax profit margin of . This means that the company is generating a profit of 10 cents for every dollar worth of sales before paying taxes.

Accuracy Taxes are not directly related to business operations, which is why comparisons of net profit margins with peer companies can be distorted by the impact of effective tax rate. A tax system is beyond a manager’s control and tax rates vary from state to state. When taxes are included in the equation, businesses running equally efficiently may have different profit margins. Raul Avenir has been writing for various websites since 2009, authoring numerous articles concentrated on business and technology. He is a technically inclined businessman experienced in construction and real estate development. Aside from being an accountant, Avenir is also a business consultant. He graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in business administration.