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I want to what is harmonic trading and poruchik forex much money can i earn from hormonic trading? The algorithm of search of five-dot patterns is changed. Almost maximum compression of algorithm is made.

CD, the 4th dot pattern of continuation, pattern 5-0 is added. There was a possibility of addition of one user pattern for experiments. Functionality of some parameters is changed. If we do not find five-dot patterns, we look for 4-h a dot pattern of continuation. About this pattern all questions to the author. In total it is included for search of 24 five-dot patterns.

Pattern – sets, what patterns to look for. Search of all patterns is by default switched off. This parameter is sequence of zero and units. If in a certain position costs 1 – unit, a pattern associated with this position of parameter, it will be included in search. Patterns 7-22-23-24 correspond to that were in the previous ZUP versions.

As agreed earlier at discussion of names of patterns that names of patterns followed logic of their configuration, names of some паттернв are changed in comparison with that the poruchik in the file with descriptions of five-dot patterns presented. Therefore, for example, sharks now the anti-shark will have a configuration as and on the contrary. XB – sets the maximum value of a retresment of XB. Unclear, what value of this parameter should be.

It is by default included 0. Can someone explain what the total patterns are? Does the total pattern simply contain much more relaxed ratio rules by basically taking the lowest and highest of the ratios for the other patterns in the group? I have just been reading on Kane re his 88. 6, so great as i respect his work too.

ABCD or 5-0 are shown solo on own or can be set to appear with all total patterns as well? You may also include additional indicators to locate prosperous designs inside your graphs. This particular indicator may be used with regard to these two variations inside a graph. It may instantly arranged in order to Split Actually. It may instantly supply Trailing Halts. It may instantly arranged consider earnings from various amounts. It enables additional EA’s as well as guide buying and selling.

FREE OF CHARGE life time improvements as well as facilitates. You have specified an invalid content to search. This thread is created to show Harmonic Patterns. A little info: My main method of trading is to follow my Wave Analysis in conjunction with identifying the popular Harmonic Patterns. Using wave analysis helps clarify and justify my trade entries and trade management. Combining this with my own entry trigger technique which I have developed with a trading colleague, has given my trading the much needed ‘edge’.