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Napoleon Bonaparte is emperor of France, his ultimate aim to rule Europe. When a sniper leaves Ben Hopes friend fighting for his life, the former SAS major declares war on the men responsible. Astronomers have discovered a Saturn-like ringĀ around Haumea, a dwarf planet located beyond Neptune. The mysterious icy world was only discovered in 2004 and this is the first time a ring has been spotted around a body so far out in the solar system. Experts say the discovery suggests the stunning bands, made up of dust, rocks and ice, are not as rare in our solar system as previously thought. The find opens up new avenues of research in the trans-Neptunian region, where some scientists believe a mysterious ninth planet may be located. KEY FINDINGSHaumea’s high speed spins causes the solid rock it is made of to flow out, creating a strange shape which has been likened to an elongated egg or flattened rugby ball.

The researchers discovered that the ring’s orbital period is three times Haumea’s spin period which, at less than four hours, is one of the quickest known. Haumea’s ring was found to lie in the same plane as its equator and as the orbit of its outer moon, Hi’iaka. This is slightly more dense than human bone and comparable with Pluto. An international team of researchers, including experts from the Institute Of Astrophysics of Andalusia in Granada, Spain, made the discovery. Jose Luis Ortiz and colleagues predicted that Haumea would cross paths with the star URAT1 533-182543 and arranged for observations from 12 ground-based telescopes on January 21 this year.