Pfic forex business

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Acronyms are abbreviations and a number of Acronyms float around in the World of Finance. In case, one does not know the meaning of the same, the entire issue, discussion, point of observation, etc. Talk about everything related to Acronyms in our wiki-based forum. Bonds are the highest rated bonds and are considered very safe.

4-1C17 4 12 4 12 4s-5 0-8. Can’t find a community you love? Create your own and start something epic. Finance is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. If you are outside Europe and the US, please be sure to read thru the comments on this post. They have become a valuable forum for investors from all over the world.

This all started when I wrote a series of letters to my daughter about financial stuff I felt was important for her to understand. Stuff she wasn’t yet ready to or interested in hearing. I mentioned this to a couple of friends and, at their request, shared the letters. And so they could more easily pass it on to theirs. I simply never dreamed an audience would develop beyond my little circle of friends and family.

I quite literally had no idea blogs could or did have larger readerships. When I started this one, I barely knew what a blog was. In fact, the first blog post I ever read was my own. Then I began reading James Altucher, one of the first people to encourage me on this path. It was probably six months or so later before I stumbled on ERE. So as you might imagine, it really rather stunned me to see jlcollinsnh develop an international readership. Given my love of travel, this remains quite the thrill.

I first noticed it about ten months in and shared my discovery with the post Where in the World are You. So far this month, there have been 85,706 page views and of those, fully 12,006 are outside the USA. Collectively, the countries of Europe are the second largest market. But for these readers, the information here tended to come up short. The problem is, the investment tools we have so easily available here in the USA are either very costly or simply unavailable to the rest of the world. And since I know nothing about the specifics of what is available in the rest of the world, other than the core principles of investing described in this Stock Series, there was little here to help. Not to say I didn’t try.

The second half of the post What if you can’t buy Vanguard addresses it a bit. And I am very pleased to see the comments section of that post has become a sort of Forum where my international readers have posted their own experiences and questions. As you might guess from the name of her blog, she writes about living and spending efficiently. But around about March of last year she began reading jlcollinsnh. And she noticed the woeful lack of specific guidance as to how to implement the ideas here. She’s done a brilliant job and, if her name sounds familiar, it might just be because I’ve had the frequent occasion to link to several of her posts in helping my European readers.