Pesa vs bitcoin mining

Coinx will be closed to pesa vs bitcoin mining for the IPO. The IPO ruse is straight out of the OPN playbook. OPN IPO shares were converted to actual shares in Global Digital Services.

Not surprisingly, after the listing the share price plummeted. Global Digital Services is still traded on the exchange, with a share price 2. 6 cents as of December, 2016. Why am I bringing all of this up? The represented internal value is currently 7. Basically it’s just a different way for affiliates to lose money through. Late last year the company released a merchant app, which since appears to have been quietly abandoned.

Ruja Ignatova has previously stated that won’t happen until the second quarter of 2018. That plan seems to have now gone out the window. OCF virtual shares, an IPO who knows where and coins they can’t liquidate. OPN scam, which includes the same scammers Greenwood and Ricketts. It’s pretty clear path now to the end.

Ruja persuades members to exchange their coins to OFCs which can be used to acquire real shares according to Ruja. XcoinX remains closed for undisclosed amount of time. Interesting to see member reactions to this news, who are hoping to finally get some money out of their investment. No serious merchant will touch with a 5 foot stick this kind of circus. Just now it gives a number: 9439480000.