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Alright, now i will tell you about my trip to Jatim Park 2. A nice place tospend your time in Kota Batu, Malang, East Java. I’m sure i was visited that place around 2015, when penyebab siswa smp malas belajar forex got some vacation from my mundane life.

I’m not kind of person who like to go anywhere but it doesn’t mean i hate trip to somewhere. So that day, when i was arrived to Jatim Park 2, i’m so amazed. Even though that day is not a holiday, there are so many person that spend their time in there. Although the parking place was kinda difficult to found. In front entrance i can see a nice white building with two elephant statues. I want to tell you about what inside that building but i will save it for later. Next to that building there are some kind of hotel.