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Many people today do not believe the law of cause and effect. In Buddhism this familiar with the name of Karma, in Christianity known pengalaman forex malaysia today sowing and reaping. Basically every human actions will cause and effect. Whether it resulted directly or indirectly.

Because of distrust of modern humans at this, causing so many people today are not afraid to do something bad. This is what caused the world becomes increasingly chaotic lately. One day a young man was walking in the woods, he suddenly heard a cry for help. Apparently he saw a young age as he was struggling with a floating sludge. The more moving even deeper he sank.

The first young man had desperately wanted to give his help. With great effort the second young man’s can be saved. The first young man then take the second young man returned to his home. Unexpectedly, the second young man was a rich kid. His house is very nice, large and exceptional luxury.

This young man’s father is very grateful for the help given to their children and want to give money, but the first young man had refused the gift. He said that it is proper fellow human beings to help others who need help. Since this incident they became friends. The first young man is a poor man while the second young man was the son of a wealthy nobleman. The poor boy, aspires to become a doctor, but he did not have the cost of college. Then there is a generous scholarship that would give him until finally earned his doctor. This person is no other than the second youth’s father was helping earlier.