Pannelli di forex napoli

In fact this is an effective targeting pannelli di forex napoli for manual trading. The question is whether is it possible to get it fully automated.

The system is based on a breakout a level called Start line and Fibo extentions as targets. Backtesting is impossible since there’s virtually no history. Forward testing is the only way to evaluate this. A High-Low Zigzag has the same Length parameter as the indicator itself and it helps to see the whole picture.

However DN Targets does not trade every swing. There are cases when it closes a profitable trade and waits for another providing that a trader has not closed it manually. My suggestions for a possible EA. I think it would be wise to completely follow its behaviour. To close all orders if it decides to close an already loosing position with current market price. If again a neutral mode follows there goes the same sequence. To open a new trade by market order immediately if indicator decides to sharply reverse the position.