Operando en forex

I have been heavily involved in forex since late 2007. My approach to trading is operando en forex very analytical, focused on simplicity, adaptability, capital preservation and the reliable use of analysis tools to obtain accurate estimations of possible future risk and profit scenarios. I attempt to understand mechanical trading strategies, their basis and their potential as deeply as possible, spending a large amount of time each week analyzing and designing new trading systems.

Of course, this blog is also a very important source of information where I publish many of my findings as well as many different tips, suggestions and educational material regarding automated trading and the development of this type of strategies. I am James Chidolue, a regular visitor to your website-mechanicalforex. I never thought that I could find such info for free. I have a system that i believe is quite profitable in the long term. Entries and exits are also based on the 4 hour chart.