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Introduction The best API for getting free cryptocurrency live pricing data, OHLC historical data, volume data, tick data or block explorer data from multiple exchanges and blockchains. We have integrated with over 90 exchanges, 1800 coins and have over 22,000 trading pairs listed. Whether you are looking for live streaming data or historical tick data we are the one-stop shop for the whole cryptocurrency space. You can find obj bitcoin more up to date version of the documentation on min-api here.

Sign up for API updates here. Requests Most of the requests that are related to pricing data are public at the moment and generally available via GET functions. Please do not abuse them, a request every 10 sec should be more than enough. There is also a streaming api based on socket. At the moment the public rest api and streaming apis are not delayed. We have had the API abused and I’ve put a limit in place of 6000 requests per hour per IP for the historical paths. Public API invocation Public APIs are accessible via GET, and the parameters for the request are included in the query string.

You can obtain the cookie by logging in. Sessions A session key is only valid for 30 days and it has a sliding window period, so each time you use it, it will get extended by 30 days. Responses If successful, API requests will return an HTTP 200 OK code, as well as a Response. Note that the responses to all requests, both public and private, are sent as the response body.

Most of it is used for dealing with subscription, top list, historical and snapshot data. Response”: “Success”, “Message”: “Coin list succesfully returned! Get general info for all the coins available on the website. Integer representing the type of response. TYPE”:”5″, “MARKET”:”CCCAGG”, “FROMSYMBOL”:”BTC”, “TOSYMBOL”:”USD”, “FLAGS”:”2″, “PRICE”:1082. Get the price of a currency against multiple currencies.

This API also returns Display values for all the fields. If no toTS is given it will automatically do the current day. By deafult it does UTC, if you want a different time zone just pass the hour difference. For PST you would pass -8 for example. TYPE”:”5″, “MARKET”:”CCCAGG”, “FROMSYMBOL”:”BTC”, “TOSYMBOL”:”USD”, “FLAGS”:”4″, “PRICE”:”245. Get data for a currency pair. This api is getting abused and will be moved to a min-api path in the near future.

Please try not to use it. The symbol of the currency that data will be in. The total coins mined as of the previous block, this should be the value of the current block total coins mined – the block reward in most cases. If called with the id of a cryptopian you just get data from our website that is available to the public. 1 if we don’t have it, the actual id if we have it. If it is a fork, this has actual data about the coin it is a fork of – the direct parent.

Response”:”Success”, “Message”: “Looking at cleavage is like looking at the sun. Ya get a sense of it and then you look away. Get open, high, low, close, volumefrom and volumeto from the each minute historical data. This data is only stored for 7 days, if you need more,use the hourly or daily path.

Response”:”Success”, “Message”:”Looking at cleavage is like looking at the sun. Get open, high, low, close, volumefrom and volumeto from the each hour historical data. It uses BTC conversion if data is not available because the coin is not trading in the specified currency. Get open, high, low, close, volumefrom and volumeto daily historical data.

The values are based on 00:00 GMT time. Used to get all the mining equipment available on the website. Otherwise an array of objects as represented bellow. The total cost in the currency above per giga hash. For more example code click here. Trade level data on a currency pair from a specific exchange.

Latest quote update of a currency pair from a specific exchange. Quote update aggregated over the last 24 hours of a currency pair from a specific exchange. Trade Subscribe to trade level data. Current Get the latest quote updates for a currency pair on a specific exchange. After the first response, only updates will be sent.

Use our utility functions to map the response, you can find the code here. Aggregation is done over the last 24 hours. Stack Overflow for Teams A private, secure home for your team’s questions and answers. M9 1a8 8 0 1 0 0 16A8 8 0 0 0 9 1zm.