Nrtr indicator forex

The gist of the NRTR is it is always at a distance from the reached price extermums – below the chart at rising trends and above the chart at descending trends. The dynamic price channel is used for nrtr indicator forex calculation of NRTR.

Only the prices the current trend contains take part in the calculations and the extremums that belong to the previous tendency are excluded. K is the size of the moving filter in percentage terms the indicator stands from the reached extremums by. As well as any other simplified approach, this indicator works greatly on the trend sections of the market but it starts fooling on the non-trend ones. Why this indicator doesn’t run on my machine? It only gives a “removed” message after initializing. 20_Pips This EA is based on the statistics with an element of Martingale. Introduction In this article we consider an indicator that builds a dynamic price channel.

A trading Expert Advisor is created based on this channel. Such systems can perform well in trend periods, but give a lot of false signals in flat movements. Therefore additional trend indicators are required. That’s why we will use the following approach.