No par value investopedia forex

Ruja Ignatova was an unknown outside of China and a select group of Europeans. Like all Ponzi points, it had no value outside of the scheme you invested in to acquire them. This prompted No par value investopedia forex LTD to come up with an unregistered securities share offering.

Not surprisingly, BNA also crashed upon release. After scamming who knows how much from a predominately Chinese affiliate-base, the BNA crash prompted the departure of core Prosper Ltd members. Shortly thereafter, they began initiating plans to launch their own clone Ponzi points currency. The Sabway website domain was privately registered on November 25th, 2014.

I suspect it’s only being kept alive to appease the few diehard Chinese investors who refuse to let go. Ponzi points outside of a Ponzi scheme inevitably results in a crash. This is because outside of the Ponzi scheme the points are attached to, there is no demand. And with the value of the points artificially propped up by promises of riches to the Ponzi faithful, there never will be. BNA as they tried to go public meant merchant network integration never happened. In order for merchants to accept Ponzi points, the points have to be released into the wild.

The Ponzi paradox of arbitrarily setting the value of points on the sole condition the new value can’t be lower than the current value, means withdrawals today exceed actual funds invested yesterday. What this really means is there aren’t funds in the kitty to pay everyone out. And so you have the current situation where 99. This means no more credit-card processing, with investors instead required to push money through less than reputable alternatives. That and the ongoing police investigation into the scheme hasn’t gone down to well. Instead they’ve swept them under the carpet, with a reschedule of their planned Chinese event to the offshore jurisdiction of Macau. As long as the company has their money, they’re screwed into complacent silence.