Ninjatrader dom forex

As an extension to very successful Chart embedded DOM indicator, we are introducing the possibility not only to see depth of market ninjatrader dom forex sync with the chart, but to trade directly from the chart. All functions of Chart trader are available – submit, modify and cancel orders, define and select an ATM strategy. 30 – only prices difference charged. Please ask by e-mail for instruction about upgrading.

Please read carefully the instructions below. The assembly is added automatically during the installation, no further steps are required. Chart DOM trader can be inserted into any chart as a regular Indicator. Chart DOM trader supports Market, Limit and Stop orders.

Submitting Stop Limit orders and other order types is not implemented. Caution: The Chart DOM trader is focused on quick order entry and offers no order confirmation! All live orders are immediately submitted to the exchange. Practice order entry before trading live! Limit buy orders are submitted by left mouse click in the BID column BELOW or AT the current price.