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HSBC Bank Plc : Form news effects on forex. PUBLIC DEALING DISCLOSURE BY AN EXEMPT PRINCIPAL TRADER WITH RECOGNISED INTERMEDIARY STATUS DEALING IN A CLIENT-SERVING CAPACITY . Lars Tvede gives you tips in the Euroinvestor Stock School to improve your investor ski.

Quote information is delivered by Morningstar. Data is delayed 15-20 minutes according to the distribution agreements set by the different exchanges. The habit of wearing tight clothing is often seen as fashionable to the extent that the trend has begun to appear even in some of our traditional outfits. Tight clothes, especially jeans, have been known to exert undue pressure on certain bony prominences in the lower limbs causing skin bruises, skin pain and numbness.

The diminished sensation can be so severe that someone who suffers from it may be unable to move. The legs, especially the feet, could easily have been lost and an amputation or a double amputation would have had to be the result. This can be the tragic end when a compartment syndrome develops in the affected limb. What this means is that there is a build-up of pressure within the soft tissues of the legs involving the tissue planes between the muscles, tendons and ligaments which are then compressed against the rather harder bones. Men are also advised to be particularly careful about wearing tight jeans because the pressure the tight apparel exerts on the genitals could provoke a torsion of the testis. Tight jeans are already implicated in causing pain in the testis.

The potential to cause testicular torsion takes the dangers to an entirely fresh level. A testis that has twisted will have its blood supply suddenly cut off. In as many as one third of all women, varicose veins can be found. The wearing of tight clothes is closely associated with the aggravation of varicose veins. They become larger and more tortuous and are sure to worsen with long periods of either standing or sitting still as in long journeys by any mode of transport. This complication is also likely to get worse among women who use oral contraceptives. The other problem commonly associated with tight clothing is that their close contact with the skin makes one sweat more.

Such sweating ultimately proves to be a rich medium for bacteria to thrive in and grow to levels where they are able to damage the skin and cause a host of skin infections. That is part of the explanation for the presence of these infections in the private parts, under the breasts and in the armpits. Finally, women who wear girdles need to beware. These mean clothes bind down the abdomen and compress the pelvic region. When you are outdoors, it becomes a real issue to pass urine because they are relatively easy to wear but very difficult to remove, particularly when pressed. Sometimes, it may mean the difference between staying dry and urinating on oneself during an emergency situation. The remedy to this is to limit fluid intake when outdoors.