Milano finanza forex euro dollar quotazione

Gentile Utente, ti informiamo che questo sito fa uso di cookie propri e di altri siti al fine di rendere i propri servizi il più possibile efficienti. 1,4290 riaprendo le possibilità di un ulteriore movimento ribassista verso 1,4050. Wednesday’s decline in the US milano finanza forex euro dollar quotazione started to run out of steam yesterday after Fed chairman Bernanke rowed back from his insinuation that further QE could well be imminent.

Overnight Standard and Poors followed Moody’s lead the night before by also warning the US on its credit rating, in the context of the debt ceiling talks. The result was more muted this time as we saw the dollar pare some of its gains against the single currency as attention once again switches to Europe. We start with Italy which looks to pass the final vote of its austerity budget through the lower house. There is also the small matter of the release of this evenings European banks stress test results. Given the current problems in Europe it is questionable how valuable these stress tests will be. If they are too weak they will lack credibility, just like last years did, and if they reveal too many problems that could well set off the contagion so many European leaders fear.