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Vista Clock is a small clock gadget that stays in the systray and at your desktop. Vista Clock appears as a royale clock gadget at your desktop, with gold hands and mercado forex horario de invierno second hand. You can move the gadget by dragging the mouse. It can serve as a countdown, stopwatch and timer.

It allows to set your timezone and it will appear above other applications if you wish. Leave us a suggestion or other feedback. If you would like to replace the default “beep” and “chime”, all you have to do is to just right click on the the “Vista Clock” icon on your desk top, after you do that go to “File Location”. There you will see a folder named “sound”, open it. 3 that you would like, a noise, song, ect.

When you have one copy and paste the mp3 into the “sound” folder. Great clock but it should have an option to make smaller. That takes up a lot of real estate. Thank you for your free service . Very nice, I went through dozen stopwatch apps for a simple work timer. This is the only one I found that looks good as well. At least, i’ve got my ” big time ” on my desktop.

Would be nice to have more skin options – but not necessary ! It looks just like my watch. But if u add more skin in will be perfect. Really like the program I would like to see a digital 24 hour format on the digital clock really a great program. Your clock makes the best ‘three minute eggs’. NICE, BUT I REALLY WISH IT HAD MULTIPLE ALARMS PROGRAMMABLE FOR DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY, BIMONTHLY, QUARTERLY ALARMS.