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Why is paleness considered ugly melkesjokolade bitcoin men but not for women? Beta Key Giveaway Week 2: Winners have been selected! Thread: Why is paleness considered ugly for men but not for women?

It’s too subjective an area to draw such conclusions. If nobody finds white men attractive, how are there so many of them? As a life-long pale, pasty, freckly, pink-nippled ginger I can tell you from personal experience, this is completely untrue. 3, if that the entire year. With some of the year, its not even up at all. Its no wonder we have festivals in the north that celebrate the sun cycles.

You can find sun pretty much everywhere here if you actually journey outside. I’m not stuck in the trench, I’m maintaining my rating. Pale girls, bright red lip stick, tattoos, hell yea. Last time I checked, Scandinavia was in the west as well. Im a pale female and I’ve gotten hate all my life for it. People like different things, that’s just human nature.