Marek d chelkowski forex trading

Let other traders know if this service is worth marek d chelkowski forex trading or should be avoided. I used this company for several weeks. I did not receive a single signal from them.

I ended up so confused that i closed perfectly good trades at a loss. Unless you want to pay them for their daily opinion. They are probably trading themselves but won’t give you their good trades just scraps if any. This is a fantastic forex signal service. They are very professional and responsive and are very trustworthy. But most importantly, the trader Dave Floyd, is an excellent trader. He takes a very methodical, patient and conservative approach to trading so there is not a high volume of trades he recommends, but the ones he does recommend are very profitable over time.

I looked at 3 trades they sent me and all 3 were winners. Their mastery of Elliot wave theory and Fibonacci is quite impressive. And I appreciate the fact that the alerts they send are carefully evaluated and affordable. I spoke with Bart and Todd and they are both very knowledgeable and they value you as a client. And finally they do not have a high pressure sales mentality. The first thing you have to know is that Aspen Trading is in a league of their own.

They might be getting reviewed on FPA alongside scammers, EA’s, fly by night systems but do not think they are in that class. Aspen and they have both traded for major brokerages with MILLIONS at risk. One of the traders Todd Gordon is frequently on CNBC live news as a commentator on foreign currency markets. The other trader Dave is no less a professional and I have had the privilege of speaking with him personally. If memory serves, he was actually one of Todd’s mentors. I have experienced a few losing months with them but their wins FAR outweigh their losers.

If you join ATG thinking you are going to get hundreds of trade signals for 5 pips at a time on 6 different pairs, you are going to be disappointed. They do trade a variety of pairs but they have gone as long as two weeks sometimes without releasing a trade. This is not a sign of laziness or a bad service or lack of ability. If they do not see a trade, they do not take a trade. I was a loser at one point. I learned to stop over trading, I stopped losing.