Malawi savings bank forex

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Available Balance: Amount available to be used as Initial Margin. Account equity must exceed the total maintenance margin level to keep a new position open. Ratio of Equity to Total Open Position Exposure. L denominated in account’s base currency. Total bonuses assigned to the account. In order to add instruments to your favorites list, click on the “star” next to the details link. A mechanism whereby your CFD margin deposit controls an asset of multiple times greater value.

Close the opened position via stop limit order execution at specified profit protection price. Close the opened position via stop limit order execution at specified recognized loss price. Funding premium to be charged for holding this position overnight. No flag indicating if this instrument expires daily, automatically closing open positions. For time-dependent instruments, the local time and date of contract expiration. The daily time each instrument is available for trading. The sum of all open positions, converted into the account base currency.

The portion of your account balance that can be immediately withdrawn. According to company regulations, all documents must be submitted before you can make a withdrawal. Please note that your credit card statement will show XTRADE. COM as the merchant for this purchase. Please note that in order to make your customer experience as convenient as possible, we are storing you credit card credentials in a PCI secure environment.

Xtrade is committed to comply with the legislation for the protection of personal data and takes appropriate technical and organizational measures for the safety of your personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss or alteration, prohibited access or any other unauthorized form of processing. I understand and consent to have my card details stored for future deposits. Please accept the terms and conditions. Suggested amount includes required securities plus an additional margin to account for rate fluctuations, subject to minimum deposit requirements. This amount may exceed the Required Securities value if the Available balance is currently negative.

Ensure that the amount you hand over the bank , is the same amount as shown on this form. ONLY ONLINE BANK TRANSFERS WILL BE ACCEPTED with proof of an Online Bank Transfer showing clearly the name of the Account Holder and transfer made to Xtrade Australia with the reference number quoted. Make sure your bank officer includes the above payment Reference Number in the transaction. If you have opened positions, you will not be able to withdraw your entire Available Balance. A minimum amount is needed to maintain a Maintenance Margin. Withdrawal authorization documentation is required to process your withdrawal request.

The requested monetary transfer will be expedited once this document has been received by Xtrade. Please note that withdrawal requests take up to five business days to process. A withdrawal form without required supporting documentation will not be processed. We do not accept any responsibility for such fees. Your account has been successfully created! In order to start trading, please make a deposit. Scan the QR code of your choice or provide us with your email or phone number and we will send you the Mobile App download links.