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Though the hospitals did not share with the researchers what they charged patients, the findings could become the basis for patients to demand greater transparency on why they pay the prices they do. Carol Levin of the Department of Global Health at the University of Washington, Seattle, and Ramanan Laxminarayan of PHFI, Center for Disease Dynamics and Princeton University looked at five representative Indian hospitals for a study published in the open-access peer-reviewed journals PLOS ONE and BMJ Open. They found that the costs ranged from Rs. 40,000 low cost forex reviews the charitable hospital to Rs.

2,500 in the district hospital per caesarean and from Rs. 58,000 in the charitable hospital to Rs. 4,000 in the district hospital for a hysterectomy. Chatterjee, lead author, told The Hindu. As a result, the charitable hospital’s operating costs for gynaecological procedures were Rs 1.

3 crore in the year but it conducted only 319 such procedures, while the private teaching hospital’s costs were Rs 1. Outpatient visit costs ranged from Rs. 345 in the private teaching hospital, Rs. 394 in the district hospital, Rs. 614 in the tertiary care hospital, Rs.