Lapices acuarelables faber castell profesionales de forex

After I talked A LOT about watercolors, I decided to do a lapices acuarelables faber castell profesionales de forex experiment. I don’t know if this is worth talking on a video or not, but at least it deserves being mentioned on a blog post.

I think it was such a good surprise to notice that right now you can find a wide variety of watercolors compared of when I was a kid. Después de hablar mil años sobre acuarelas, decidí hacer un pequeño experimento. No sé si esto valga la pena mencionar en un video o no, pero al menos merece ser mencionado en un post en este blog. Creo que fue una sorpresa tan agradable ver que ahora uno puede encontrar una amplia variedad de acuarelas, en comparación cuando yo era chica. The experiment: let’s try the cheapest watercolor, versus the ones I have. El experimento: probemos la acuarela más económica, versus las paletas que ya tengo. This means you will need less quantity on high quality watercolors to get the color you need, that using the cheap version pans.

Esto significa que necesitarán una menor cantidad en acuarelas de alta calidad para llegar a un color que necesitan, que usando las más económicas. My next observation didn’t happen on all of the colours, but I noticed the magenta, violet and blue the formula got dried with lumps, and the final color isn’t smooth and even. So guys, do you want my honest opinion? Even though there’s tiny flaws on the cheap watercolor palette, I’m really surprise.

Like, in a very good way! If I had one of this when I started, I would have been really happy and pleased. I think if you really want to try watercolors, please buy a cheap palette and two brushes and you’re done. I realised how similar watercolors are to make-up cheap v.

Think of this experiment the same way as when you buy a random drugstore lipstick, versus a high-end lipstick. You know the high-end lipstick will probably last longer, will be better quality and the color and texture will be richer and superior. That doesn’t mean the drugstore lipstick is a bad choice, right? I hope you liked this experiment!